Each year The Canadian Society for Training & Development (CSTD) recognizes companies who have developed, produced, and delivered original and innovative products in the training and development field. Judging criteria focuses on excellence in design, ease of use, and recognition of diverse training needs for participants. As an nine-time winner, we are proud of our accomplishments.

2013 CSTD Silver Award – Tower Coating for Hydro One

2013_cstdIn order to ensure the integrity of the power grid, Hydro One technicians must treat 500 kV hydro towers with protective coatings. The job requires specific knowledge and skills related to climbing, preparation of surfaces, application of coatings, and completion of tasks using correct safety practices and procedures. The work is difficult, the environment hazardous, and the conditions challenging. This program, consisting of classroom work and field exercises, has resulted in increased worker safety.

2010 CSTD Gold Award – The Post Office Clerk Training Program for Canada Post

2010_cstdThis program combined self-study, classroom training, and on-the-job exercises to provide Post Office clerks with a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of their jobs including retail services and operational skills.

2009 CSTD Gold Award – Value Analysis for Ontario Ministry of Transportation

2009_cstdValue Analysis is a facilitated and creative process that generates alternative solutions to problems. This introductory program used a progressive case study to provide a taste of the techniques and steps involved in the process.

2007 CSTD Gold Award – ICE Leadership – Mission Critical Leadership for author Angela Mondou

2007_cstdWe turned a military leadership model into a fast-paced “boot camp” that uses high-tech simulations and real-world missions to demonstrate fundamental strategies and principles of business management.

2004 CATE Gold Award – Retail Merchandising Training Program for Canada Post

2004_cstdWe designed an interactive classroom training program to address the merchandising needs at 7,000 Canada Post Retail Outlets across the country, helping Retail Clerks align their day-to-day performance with the company’s new brand position.

2001 OTTER Gold Awards

2001_cstdCanada Post Corporation
Retailing at Canada Post
Canada Post operates over 4,400 corporate retail stores and a network of private sector outlets across the country. Our program was designed to provide Area Managers at these stores with expertise in merchandising, inventory management, strategic planning, and sales.
2001_cstdThe Bay
Building Your Business At The Bay
The Bay already knew their target audience and their product lines very well” says Cathy Shaughnessy, “but the program we created taught cosmetic and fragrance consultants how to develop their selling skills, understand customer wants and needs, and develop ongoing rapport with customers.
A multi-pronged approach to training, including classroom workshops, a self-directed video, and the creation of a CD-ROM rounded out the design for this project.

2000 OTTER Gold Awards

2000_otterCanada Post Corporation
Retail Employee Orientation
We designed this program to provide Canada Post’s 10,000 retail employees with the skills they need to effectively serve customers in a manner consistent with the organization’s strategic direction.
2000_otterCanada Post Corporation
Store Operator Orientation
This program worked in conjunction with the above retail one. Its focus was on the administrative, operational, and financial duties of Store Operators.