How We Do It

Some training developers take a packaged course, often one they’ve purchased from someone else, tweak it a bit, and slap a “customized” label on it.

ShaughnessyHowell doesn’t do that.

Yes, we draw on our considerable past experience. But that teaches us how to work, not what to deliver. For that, we start with a blank page. Then, through a series of in-depth discussions with you and your staff — executives, management, front line — we design a training solution specific to your needs.

And since every program we develop is unique, so is the way we deliver it, designed to suit your needs and circumstances, whether that’s web-based, classroom, e-learning, one-on-one coaching, or something else.

Of course, if all you’re looking for is a standard training course, we can do that too. Check out some of our Professional Learning Programs.

Whether you’re looking for training solutions, facilitation, or leadership development, ShaughnessyHowell has the experience and expertise to help you succeed.

Phone us at (226) 808-7705 or send an email [email protected]