What We Do

Learning & Development

Business is dynamic. Organizations are constantly reinventing themselves, changing, maturing. To stay competitive it is essential that your staff keep up to date.

ShaughnessyHowell designs and delivers specialized training programs specific to your industry and your needs, equipping your workers with the skills and abilities they need to adapt and excel. We’re really good at taking complex, technical content and working with you to develop learning that is interesting, makes sense for people and adds value for the organization

Knowledge Transfer

Sometimes an organization already has the knowledge it needs to succeed, but that knowledge is hidden away somewhere, inaccessible to those who need it. ShaughnessyHowell works with you to unlock that knowledge, transferring and transforming it into active skills that can be shared and put to use in your organization.

Check out our Client List for some real world examples of how we’ve helped our clients with Sales Training, Customer Service, and Technical Procedures.