Project Highlights

Want some examples of what we’ve done and how we work? These are highlights from just a few of our past projects. Much of the work we do is confidential so we’re unable to identify specific clients, but this should give you an indication of our range and ability. We’ll apply this same creativity and expertise to your projects.

The Client: A large scale utility distributor

The Challenge: High-voltage hydro towers deteriorate when exposed to the elements and must be prepared and maintained with protective coatings. The work is carried out under hazardous conditions and calls for specific knowledge and skills related to climbing, preparation of surfaces, application of coatings, and completion of tasks using correct safety practices and procedures.

The Solution: A classroom / field training program designed for lines staff, incorporating adult learning principles and a high degree of interactivity. Classroom training covers critical content including proper preparation and use of protective equipment and fall arrest systems. Field training, held on actual but not “live” towers, provides practical exercises, observation of tower coating activities, Q&A opportunities, and practice sessions. In response to the program, worker confidence and ability has increased, helping them to perform all required tasks safely; safety metrics have improved; and hydro tower life has been prolonged, saving resources.

The Client: A major Canadian retail and service provider

The Challenge: Maintain a skilled retail and administrative workforce in a highly competitive marketplace in more than 5,000 outlets across the country. Job functions include retail sales, operations, and finance.

The Solution: Multiple learning and development programs including self-directed modules, classroom training, simulated work environments, on-the-job training with certified peer mentors, and competency tests to confirm job readiness. New and existing workers are better equipped to carry out required tasks, clearly demonstrating acquired skills.

The Client: A large municipal government

Challenge One: Communicate a single coherent message to all city employees simultaneously.

The Solution: Facilitation of a training/communication event delivered by 50 different supervisors to every city employee simultaneously. The content was based on a review of Corporate Strategy documents and meetings with Senior Leadership. We also provided a strategy for advancing the City’s Corporate Plan with a series of Strategic Mapping Sessions.

Challenge Two: Gather input from citizens concerning a contentious block of real estate.

The Solution: A three-phase process that involved arranging a Town Hall meeting for 250 people, facilitating a Citizen’s Panel, and compiling a report of our findings and recommendations for City Council.

The Client: Ministries within a provincial government

The Challenges: Multiple and varied requirements for training programs, meeting facilitation, and development consulting. Some of the training requirements were highly technical in nature including Value Analysis and an understanding of engineering materials, while business requirements called for contract monitoring and customer service skills.

The Solutions: Learning and development programs including Exceptional Frontline Customer Service for front-line staff, and Service Excellence: Managing Service Delivery for managers and other leaders; Value Analysis and Introduction to Engineering Materials for technical workers. The programs — both classroom and self-directed — adhered to Ministry service directives and incorporated modern adult learning principles, hands-on activities, and practice sessions under the oversight of experienced presenters.

The Client: A large retail department store chain

The Challenge: Improve the customer service and selling skills of cosmetic and fragrance consultants.

The Solution: A training program that enabled participants to understand customer needs and wants, and develop an ongoing rapport with customers. The modern program included classroom workshops, a self-directed video, and a CD-ROM.