Manager / Leader

Manager as Coach

Gone are the days when a manager was simply a boss. Today, in order to inspire employees to reach their full potential and to maximize their company’s investment in human resources, managers need to coach and mentor their staff. This calls for communication, planning, balance, and insight, all skills that can be learned and developed.

The value of skilled coaching is well known in sports and entertainment, leading to better and consistent performance. The same is true in business, where coaching fosters higher productivity, superior customer service, stronger financial performance, and improved employee satisfaction and retention.

Based on a six-step coaching model that provides the foundation for long-term success, the Manager as Coach workshop helps participants develop a coaching mindset. Through practice and discussions, participants learn when and how to apply specific coaching methodologies to empower, delegate, and create a culture of responsibility and self-generated actions in which employees are motivated to reach and exceed their goals.

The result is both quick returns and long term success in an organizational culture that is more adaptable and accountable.